From a very young age Robin Lindala began his lifelong journey with photography. He fell in love with the art of storytelling through images and, once he picked up a camera, Robin developed a deep passion for the various elements of photography; shape, form, space, lighting and composition.

After studying Fine Art Photography at Fanshawe College and graduating at the top of his class (just don’t ask his classmates), Robin continued to compose, shoot and capture incredible photographic images and filmic sequences and is grateful and humbled to have worked on so many notable feature films and television series.


Robin hasn’t looked back and for more than 20 years, he has worked in camera departments contributing to an accomplished body of work, for both television and film productions around the world. Currently, Robin is the Director of Photography on the ABC drama series ‘A Million Little Things’.

He Currently resides in Vancouver Canada, although his neighbours wish he didn’t.

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